Quarter Around the World Challenge


5th & 6th of
June 2017

Southern Germany Tour

The same weekend as the Raduno there was an ultralight meeting in the south of Germany at the wonderful airfield of Eggenfelden (EDME). Sadly the weather conditions on Sunday were not very welcoming, so most exhibitors left early. SEA came with the record Risen as promised and did several test flights. We are more than happy that once again also Risen kept its promise and left our visitors with a big smile on their face. The team of Eggenfelden was a great host and we are sure to be exhibitor also in the next year.

After leaving Eggenfelden Risen was heading to Kempten-Durach for a test flight with a customer. Kempten is the most southern and the highest airfield in Germany with 2339 ft (our home airport in Pavullo nel Frignano has 2244 ft). It has two grass runways, which were a bit soft due to the rain, but thanks to the low weight and slow approach speed Risen can easily land also with these conditions.

Due to the difficult weather conditions with heavy rains and thunderstorms we were forced to continue the journey back via Lyon with several stops. Check out your social media channels for more impressions and videos!

3rd & 4th
June 2017

1° Raduno del Gruppo Piloti di Classe 2017

The airport of Pavullo nel Frignano, SEA’s production base, hosted the 1st Raduno of the Italian group “Piloti di Classe” this year. SEA presented its airplanes in the exhibitor area and enabled interested pilots to do a test flight in the fastest ultralight in the world. For SEA the event was a great chance to establish new contacts and keep up the relationships with Italian suppliers.

22th April 2017

Meeting di Primavera

Every year hundreds of airplanes come for the Meeting di Primavera (“Springtime Meeting”) in Castiglione del Lago, Italy. Also SEA joined with the Risen on Saturday attracting the interest of many pilots and journalists from Europe.

9th April 2017

AERO in Friedrichshafen

Also in this year SEA attended the AERO, the largest exhibition for general aviation in Europe. The first demo version of Siren and the first Risen with a Rotax 914 Turbo, a fully customized aircraft for an Argentinian customer, were presented.
The AERO was a great success for SEA resulting in a number of new reservations for the upcoming year. Also it brought a lot of new opportunities. As we are highly interested in supporting the project of making flying greener, we appreciate getting in contact with potential partners to eventually offer an electric-driven version of Risen in the future. As we are continuing our certification process with the DULV and have passed all test done at the first time, the DULV confirmed the availability of a permit to fly for this summer.
We hope you enjoyed the fair and will be happy to help you will any further questions. If you have missed the opportunity to visit us in Friedrichshafen, you are more than welcome to visit our production site in Italy or meet us during our summer trips in Germany.

6th April 2017

Fliegermagazin Award

Risen was nominated as one of the top three in the category of ultralights by the readers of the German aviation magazine, so SEA got an invitation for the Fliegermagazin Award Gala. This was already a great honour for our young company. Just better that Risen even won its category at the end. What a great surprise! Thanks a lot for voting for us!
We shared the winner stage with Beringer, our supplier of high-performance wheels and brakes.

15th February

Meet us at the AERO

You want to see our airplanes live? Meet us at the AERO in Germany! And we can promise: We will have at least one surprise. You can find us in hall B4 at stand 101, directly at the entrance. We are more than happy to welcome you there and answer all your questions. The AERO is the leading trade fair for general aviation in Europe and takes place from the 5th to 8th of April. Friedrichshafen is always worth a trip and you can even arrive with your aircraft (slot reservation mandatory if you go directly to EDNY).

For more information go here:

25th January 2017

New male moulds finished

Thank you for all the compliments you send us. We have a lot of incoming inquiries from all over the world and many new orders. To fasten up the production and reduce the delivery time we invested in a set of new moulds. We would like to share this photo of the finished male mould for the fuselage with you. It will double our production capacity. Look how nice it is!

17th December

Visit at the site of our French dealer

With Innov’air we found a new partner in France with a long-time experience in the ultralight sector. In the last ten years Innov'air has delivered about 200 aircraft. The company is based on the airfield Lherm-of Muret (LFBR) with facilities of 1,000 m² including a hangar, offices, a Pilot Lounge, a workshop, a paint room and a show room. In December Alberto Porto flew down with the Risen to meet Christophe Briand there.

To find more information visit:

December 2016

FAI Certificates

This month we received the official FAI certificates for our world speed record. Thank you to all involved in this project. We will find a good place for them in our office rooms.

13th October 2016

FAI Award in Bali

In October Alberto Porto was invited to the FAI Awards in Bali. For the setting a new world record he was awarded with the De la Vaulx Medal. The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) is setting international standards and keeping records. It established the award in 1933 in memory of the Comte de La Vaulx, the founder and president of the FAI. This medal is just given to holders of confirmed and absolute world aviation records.

For more information you can visit the website of FAI:

2nd to 4th September 2016

Visit in Germany

In September the Risen was presented at the Adolf Würth Airport in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. Once again the outstanding performance convinced the visitors and we are proud to announce that we will soon deliver both models, the Risen and the Siren, to Germany. With Werner Hägele of Airo Aviation we also have a dealer in Germany now.

10th & 11th September 2016

Italian Homebuilder Association Meeting

From the 10th to 11th of September flying enthusiast and pilots with home-build airplanes from all over Italy met at the airport of Pavullo. Of course also the Risen was presented at its home base.

2nd to 4th September 2016

LAA Rally in Sywell

From the 2nd to the 4th of September the Risen was presented at the LAA Sywell Rally. This yearly event is hosted by the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) and took place in Northampton, Great Britain. Once again our aircraft caught the attention of many pilots, amateur builders and journalists. For the Risen it was the first time to cross the English Channel.

14th August 2016


At the 14th of August the Risen was presented at the airport of Vipiteno (Sterzing) in the north of Italy. Friends and interested pilots from the region came to meet us and enjoy the stunning panorama and fantastic weather.

12th August 2016

Speed Record Approval

We are proud to announce that the Risen is now the official speed record holder with 323.82 km/h (201 mph) certified by the World Air Sports Federation (FAI). It broke the absolute record of the class R (Microlights and paramotors) and the one for speed over a straight course (sub-class RAL2T). This top speed was reached with two persons and a standard Rotax 912 with 100 hp.

The previous record of 300.5 km/h was set by a tandem seater with a modified engine and a particular propeller made just for this event, whereas the Risen broke this record as a serial production with no modification. Now any of our customers can improve the record with their new Risen.

For more information you can visit the website of FAI:

2nd & 3rd
July 2016

VFR Meeting Pavullo

From the 2nd to the 3rd of July our home base, the airport of Pavullo nel Frignano, had the honour of being the host of the AOPA VFR meeting. More than 300 airplanes came to Pavullo following the invitation of the Italian association of aircraft owners and pilots. Alberto Port has received an Oscar of the VFR magazine for the world speed record.

7th & 8th
May 2016

Meeting di Primavera

From the 6th to the 8th of May pilots and aviation lovers from all over Italy and surrounding countries came to Castiglione del Lago for the Meeting di Primavera. Every year this event close to Perugia is a meeting point for pilots, associations, manufacturers and clubs. Of course also SEA was present with the Risen.

April 1, 2016

New site in Pavullo

In April Swiss Excellence Airplanes moved the production to the new site in Pavullo nel Frignano close to the famous Italian Motor Valley. Before World War II Pavullo had been a home to the Swiss aircraft engineer Ludwig Fréderic Teichfuss, who was also coming from Lucern originally. The “Fabbrica Alianti Luigi Teichfuss” became a well-known producer of gliders in Italy. Today the AeroClub Pavullo (LIDP) has a concrete runway of 1190 metres length. For our visitors there are guest rooms at the airport and also hotels available in the town of Pavullo. For more information about the airport follow this link: http://www.aeroclubpavullo.it/

April 1, 2016

Swiss Excellence Airplanes at Aero 2016 Friedrichshafen

One year has passed from the Risen world unveiling at Aero show, and Sea has made a lot of work during this period to be present for this 2016 edition with a lot news: 3Risen airplanes sold now in construction, a new larger operation base where airplanes are assembled, a world speed record claimed, and a new model coming soon: Siren.
Please come and visit us at Hall A4 Stand 323.

December 16,

Risen world speed record challange

in the sunny morning of 16th December 2015, at the Aviosuperficie di Ozzano Dell'Emilia "Guglielmo Zamboni” Bolagna, Swiss Excellence Airplanes Risen has won a new challenge: striking the UL class world speed record with a standard Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp engine.

Is it a unique fact that the pilot is also the engineer that designed the machine, so the satisfaction for SEA was double. Pilot Alberto Porto, with Sara della Moretta on board has made a 323,31 Km/h Speed over a straight course, establishing a new AECI certified national record that was claimed and now is under review at FAI. This amazing speed was performed not from a prototype machine, with a long experience test pilot and a special tuned engine.

Swiss Excellence Airplanes double challenge was to demonstrate that a common pilot (Alberto Porto got the pilot licence only 4 years ago), with a standard production Risen airplane, powered by a stock engine (Rotax local distributor certified that the engine used for the record is from standard production) could perform this great performances every day in a luxury, premium aircraft, in full safety.

4-5-6, 2015

Risen goes to Modena

Risen was the special guest at the italian homebuilders association (CAP) meeting at Pavullo airport (Modena). This region is the nest of the world's best supercars as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Pagani and we found the same enthusiasm for our Risen. To thank for such warm hospitality we have offered to the guests several test flights over the Appennini mountains and had the honour to have on board the Association president, Eng. Folchini.

22-23, 2015

Risen over the Alps

Risen attended AeroParty 2015 in Caiolo airport (Sondrio). During the weekend we displayed the airplane and offered to several people the opportunity of a demo flight over the beautiful Alps, at the Swiss border.
On Sunday evening we flew back to our Italian base in Casale Monferrato, in rainy weather although always in complete safety.

July 16, 2015

Presentation to the local Press in Casale Monferrato

On July 16 2015, Swiss Excellence Airplanes presented Risen to the local press, on the airport of Casale Monferrato, current test site of the aircraft. The prototype and first production Risen flew together; following that, the production Risen, now fully operative, showed its performance capability. On the same occasion, this first production unit underwent a test flight by "VS Aviation", the outcome of which will be the subject of an article, in the August issue of the magazine.

June 13–14, 2015

Participation in ‘CIELO e VOLO’ 2015

Swiss Excellence Airplanes was present at the airshow ‘ Cielo et Volo’ 2015, with the first production Risen, arriving in flight at the Zamboni airfield (nr. Bologna), the site of the event. Following the static exhibit at Aero 2015, the first production airplane is now flying and the test flights going on as planned; Risen first production plane will soon be ready for demo flights with prospective customers. In the meantime the Risen prototype accumulated more flight hours.

photos courtesy of Stefano Conte


March 15, 2015   Risen Unveiling in Friedrichshafen AERO 2015

The official presentation of Risen aircraft, by Swiss Excellence Airplanes, took place in Friedrichshafen on AERO 2015 opening day, April 15.

The unveiling was in the early afternoon, in the presence of SEA members and numerous flight enthusiasts and journalists from all around the world. The one presented was the first production aircraft, a direct descendant of the prototype which, over the past three years, has accumulated many flight hours.

The ceremony was conducted by Alberto Porto, CEO and chief designer of SEA, who has illustrated the spirit and passion, combined with technical rigors, which has guided the development of the aircraft. In the days of the fair, the aircraft will remain on display at stand A7.

Risen unveiling . The moment of Risen unveiling.
Enthusiasts and journalists around the aircraft . Enthusiasts and journalists around the aircraft, after the presentation.

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